About Us

Farm Care Management Company is a regional company located in Elmwood, Illinois that has specialized in farm real estate services since 1995. Farm Care maintains a philosophy of continually improving its client services.

At Farm Care we want to earn your friendship and be your partner in Land Management.

  • We really do care! We view your farm as though we are looking at it through your eyes.
  • We are privately owned and operated, allowing decisions to be made locally and timely.
  • We are in contact with you personally by phone and written correspondence. The personal contact allows us to constantly be in tune to your objectives.

Land Management

Our land management includes the following services:

  • Selecting a farm operator when necessary
  • Planning with and working directly with your farm operator
  • Keeping all your records
  • Marketing all your grain and livestock
  • Preparing all your farm plans
  • Purchasing all your farm inputs and supplies
  • Monitoring your soil nutrient levels
  • Negotiating your lease
  • Supervising repair and maintenance needs
  • Selecting seed varieties suitable for your farm
  • Paying real estate taxes and insurance premiums


Farm Care collaborates with Peoples Company to provide accurate property valuations. Peoples Company’s appraisal team specializes in conducting valuations on agricultural land, recreational land, agribusiness properties and commercial-agricultural properties. Peoples Company has Certified General Appraiser licenses in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. To learn about Peoples Company’s appraisal services, click here, or call 217.617.2385.

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Farm Care partners with Peoples Company to provide exceptional agricultural land brokerage and auction services. Peoples Company employs aggressive marketing strategies proven to drive land sales and has become a top agricultural real estate services firm across the nation. Peoples Company specializes in various methods of selling property including traditional listing services, live public auctions and online auctions. To learn about Peoples Company’s brokerage services, click here, or call 217.617.2385.

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Mark Rhea

Illinois Managing Real Estate Broker | Farm Manager

101 S. Magnolia | P.O. Box 260 | Elmwood, Illinois 61529
Office: 309.742.2273 | Fax: 309.742.4203
Farm Care